Why We Give
At Liberty Church BR, we understand that God owns everything.

And God has called us to be good stewards of His resources. Therefore we invest our time, our talents, and our money in things that matter to God. We practice and encourage debt-free living and generous giving out of our desire to be wise stewards of God’s resources.

Ways in which you can give:


Time is a very precious gift.  Most of us feel we don’t have enough time for all the things we want to do.  Everyone is given the same amount of time:  24 hours each day, 168 hours each week.  The question is:  How do we choose to use our time?  Volunteer and join the mission!


Your talents are a vital piece of the puzzle.  All of us have been blessed with various talents, whether we are aware of it or not, or whether we have developed our talents or not. Of course, it is usually not possible to develop all of our talents. But, ideally, we can and should develop some of them and use them wisely to bless the communities we belong to. Email if you would like to get plugged in!


There are over 2,300 verses in the Bible about money, possessions and the right use of them. Why is this?  Perhaps because God knows our propensity to misuse money or allow it to distract us from keeping our eyes on him.