Bad Silence

Today is a tough day. I am laying in the bed due to pain. I can feel a fibromyalgia flare coming.  My body feels like it is being ripped apart from the inside but what I notice was that the room is quiet.

There would be complete silence if not for the rhythmic spinning of the ceiling fan. For some, this would seem perfect but no one can see the battles that are being fought. The battles that are so fierce that though you can’t see it or feel it, what I found is that we all see it’s results. Silence does not always equal peace.

The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” Ex 14:14

Bad-silence-image Bad Silence

The scripture tells us that even though I can be in silence I can also be in a battle, and many of us are fighting for our lives and no one knows because we are silent. We are not silent because we gave it to God but instead we have decided to keep the battle in our heads. So we allow thoughts to run freely in our mind and many of us are fighting our demons alone. Dealing with depression alone. Dealing with hurt and loss alone. Dealing with pain alone. Silence does not equal peace.

We all go through this but what make some successful is the ability to understand that every battle we are fighting has already been won even the one that is silent. You may be going through depression, or the loss of a friend or love one, but don’t allow the silence around you to become a instrument of the enemy. Use it against him!

A time to tear, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak Ecc 3:7

Now is the time to speak, when the enemy begins to use silence as a way to attack your mind you must speak! Praise God in song! Thank him for the victory over, not only the enemy but also the enemy in me. I will not die! I reject suicide as a instrument of relief. I will stand on God’s word that the battle is won! I don’t accept the lies that I have fed myself and the ones that came from the enemy. I will break the bondage of secret pain and will enlist those that can hold me up whenI am weak. Those whom prayers and love fill the silence created by doubt, with the sound of praise. We will win.

Robert-and-Aminga-Maxie Bad Silence

Pastor Robert Maxie

Liberty Church BR

Pastor Robert Maxie was born in  Baton Rouge and graduated from  Capitol High School. He completed  nine deployments including three in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation  Enduring Freedom. He attended the University of Maryland College as well as Grace  Bible College and later graduated from The Naval School of Health Sciences with a certification  in Substance Abuse Counseling. He then went on to complete internships in both Italy and Chicago. He’s served  all over the world from Germany, to Korea and his last command, The Naval Health Clinic New England where he  served as the Navy’s Substance Abuse Continuing Care Coordinator for northern New England.



Pastor Maxie is the former Director and founder of  Crossroads Recovery Ministry and served on pastoral staff as a Christian  Counselor at Heartsease Family Life Church, currently Encounter Church.



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